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I recently bought this Pyne & Smith dress as a post-holiday treat to myself. It’s such a simple, well-constructed dress that I’m feeling motivated again to do more sewing.

Currently, my wardrobe is in drastic need of an update. Working for a tech company has turned my daily uniform into an uninspiring blob of jeans/tshirt/hoodie/sneakers. Which might work for some (eliminating decision fatigue, blah blah), but leaves me feeling just as bland as the clothes I throw on every day.

This year, I’m committing to sewing more pieces for my wardrobe that I really want and feel excited to wear. Clothes I can feel like the best version of myself in – when I can feel inspired to do my best creative work.

I’ve gone down this path before – where I’ve fallen into dressing ‘meh” – and I really believe it’s a reflection of how I’m feeling inside. Changing my outer appearance is a small shift that can turn it all around. The clothes make the (wo)man, after all.

If you dress better, you feel better.

This month I’ll take stock of what I own, & figure out what my actual garment needs are (tops, skirts, etc). I definitely want to stitch up some new pieces before I head to Alt at the end of March.

And if you’re going to Alt, let me know! This’ll be my first one.