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Concept Projects | First Date Survey Postcard

Ohhhh man you guys I had SO MUCH FUN creating this digital survey form. This was inspired by a friend’s online dating adventures. I have no personal experience with online dating, but the idea of asking a date for feedback made me laugh … and cringe with horror.

It also made me think of the feedback survey postcard I was given after going through a minor surgery (an IVF egg retrieval). What kind of feedback do you give after an emotionally difficult experience like that? And how weird, to put it on a postcard and drop it in the mail.

Originally I thought this could be a physical mail-in postcard (can you imagine?? Your dating feedback for all postal workers to see!), but I decided to use it as a bit of development practice. So here we are – a digital postcard, with range sliders to rate your date on various attributes. My personal favorite is “Dating Profile Accuracy”. Ha!

Want to see it live? You can find it on my Codepen.