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My productivity has taken a left turn in quarantine. Anyone else? I’m certainly not working on any of the things I thought I’d be working on a month ago!

My primary income source is ending next month, so I’ve been making plans and lining up more website projects. I SHOULD update my portfolio, website, etc. I COULD finish some fun concept work. But when work is over I just don’t want to be on a screen.

This 1913 high school scrapbook belonged to my great-grandmother, and it is such a treasure. I love the faded photos & all the dance cards she saved. According to the many eloquent notes from friends in the book, her nickname was Happy, which is just the cutest 💛

I have this idea of eventually painting her portrait, based on this tiny photo. Photos from this time tend to be formal/serious, so I love this one of her laughing.

What unexpected projects have you been working on?