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I’m a Great Big Fan of eggs – I’ve even included it in my bio in the past! A friend of mine reminded me of this concept project I worked on a while back, so I’m posting it here because it deserves to live on in infamy.

I created this book cover for an imaginary egg cookbook – inspired by a funny chat with said friend, whose chickens had begun laying.

“You realize it all comes out of the same hole, right???” 🤣🤣🥚🐓

– Kensley, friend & local chicken-whisperer

The grocery store panics of last spring (and this past week after Winter Storm Uri) have me considering it again though. We were realllllllly lucky to get a farm CSA box when the roads cleared and I’ve never been SO grateful to see a fresh carton of eggs. And as a self-proclaimed “fried egg enthusiast”, that’s saying a lot.