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100 Days of Creative Play: Day 5/6

After a few days in, I’m changing up my 100 Day Project a bit. I’m loving making simple graphics, etc. just for fun, but I don’t want that to take away from making progress on other projects.

So here’s something a little different! I finished this Dove top (from Megan Nielsen Patterns) yesterday and I’m super happy with it.

This is a lovely “pink clay” linen and a linen canvas print. This talking heads print was not what I initially planned to get, but I had to have it. That “You know what?” gal speaks to my sarcasm-loving heart!

Honestly, the canvas half is a little more stiff than the other side, but as I don’t make many tops I’m still pleased. I love wearing (and making!) skirts so this was out of the ordinary for me.

This is part of my 2019 100 Day Project, where I attempt to create/design something purely for fun every day.